Alonsa Electric Co. was established in order to develop a range of high quality modern appliances and consumer electronics for global markets. ALONSA products have a reputation based on quality standards that go from the making of a product from its initial design via all manufacturing stages up until to consumer service. ALONSA represents a family of Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics with competitive pricing and high quality products as a result of incorporating the latest technological advances. Over 20 years of experience and presence in the market back the performance of ALONSA products, which have always stood out for their quality, technology, design, and price competitiveness. ALONSA products comply with the most string end international safety standards, and also combine their traditional quality with an advanced design placed at the service of functionality in order to make day-to-day tasks easier. ALONSA has developed a network of local dedicated distributors for effective marketing of its products in potential markets of the world. ALONSA invests in local manufacturing and assembly plants to add value and ensure maximum competitiveness. Some of the manufacturing bases of ALONSA are located in Turkey, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, and China.